Irresistible Charm

The Rolex Pearlmaster

A pearl in the Oyster collection, the Rolex Pearlmaster redefines elegance and exudes style.

Designed to be gem-set, these luxury watches pay homage to the stellar qualities of the Rolex Oyster while showcasing their own unique shine and design. This Rolex watch is a classic among contemporary watches.

Style of the Pearlmaster

Feminine Interpretation

The Oyster Perpetual Pearlmaster has stood out since its launch in 1992, thanks to its elegant lines and precious materials. Set with diamonds, rubies or sapphires, it is a highly feminine interpretation of Rolex’s emblematic Datejust.

Irresistible Charm

Custom Elegance

Gently rounded styling and gracious lines define this Rolex watch, fitted with an exquisitely contoured Pearlmaster bracelet.

The dials of these luxury watches can be personalized – there is a wide range of colours and materials to choose from, each thoughtfully blends perfectly with the rest of the watch. The dial features the famous date calendar in a window with a Cyclops lens for easy reading, and the broader bezel lends itself to being gem set. On some models, precious stones pave the dials or appear on the case lugs and bracelet links. In all cases of these elegant Rolex women’s watches, the face of the watch reads as an ode to femininity. The hues are sublime, the beauty of the surfaces expertly rendered. Depending on the dial of these Rolex watches, mother-of-pearl offers a shimmering reflection and the diamond-paved versions are a picture of elegant sophistication.

Luxury Pearlmaster_1_1.jpg

Features of the Pearlmaster

Luxury Design

The appliques allow for a choice of diamonds in gold settings, or elegant gold numerals – including some with signature gem-setting –ensuring every reading of the time becomes a joy.

Whether the wrist is adorned with the 18 ct yellow, white or Everose gold (Rolex’s patented pink gold) style, each of these luxury Swiss watches shines with a special radiance. Rolex has its own foundry and alloys its own gold of these Rolex watches using the purest raw materials. From casting to the shaping and polishing of the gold, everything is carried out in the brand’s workshops with meticulous care to ensure the uncompromising quality of Rolex gold watches.

Performance Pearlmaster_2.jpg

Features of the Pearlmaster

Custom Elegance

Like all Rolex watches, each Rolex Pearlmaster is a COSC certified chronometer, fitted with a self-winding mechanical movement that has been thoroughly and successfully tested.

This Rolex watch is certified to perform at a superlative level as fully assembled watch. The testing conditions for these Rolex women’s watches exceed the standard of Swiss watchmaking, simulating actual wear to provide more representative results, guaranteeing superior performance on the wrist.