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“You never actually own a Patek Philippe. You merely look after it for the next generation.”

David M Robinson has been a proud partner of Patek Philippe for over a decade. We have dedicated Patek areas at our Altrincham and Canary Wharf showrooms where clients are given expert advice and guidance from teams of trained experts.




Situated in the heart of London’s prestigious financial district, David M Robinson Canary Wharf has been remodeled to feature an area dedicated to Patek Philippe.

“ The committed and detailed approach that Patek Philippe undertake in their training and education set them apart as the most specialist watch brand in the industry and our in store teams are fully trained to be helpful experts on the brand.”

Sandy Madhvani

DMR Canary Wharf



Situated in the historic market town on the outskirts of Manchester, David M Robinson Altrincham has the honour of being the only authorised Patek Philippe retailer in the area.

“At David M Robinson Altrincham, we are proud to retail Patek Philippe due to their long standing history and pedigree within the Swiss watchmaking industry and the brand’s understated elegance and quality. The brand is the horological benchmark that others wish to imitate.”

Hugh Pottle

Showroom Manager
DMR Altrincham


Our dedicated Patek Philippe sales teams are amongst the most expertly trained and experienced in the UK.

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