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Your love story and dreams become our inspiration. Experts in translating your ideas, making them a reality.



Modern technology and traditional techniques are combined in DMR’s workshops, where your design is lifted from the page and crafted from precious metals.



Now in your hands, ready for a special proposal, DMR becomes a permanent part of your story together.

our bespoke process

A proposal is a truly personal moment, we understand that, and those personal moments often require a unique piece of jewellery crafted by us with you in mind. It is our job to put your story at the heart of our design, creating a piece that tells your own love story. This is where our bespoke design service can help.

Our HelpfuL Experts

Over a coffee, our journey begins. During your consultation our Sales Ambassadors take great pleasure in learning more about you and your special someone, understanding your partner and the influences behind the design, considering other jewellery in their collection. As well as gaining an insight into your own story, this is your opportunity to learn more about DMR and our expertise.

A pen and paper…

Following your consultation and considering the ideas that you have discussed with us, your Sales Ambassador will now retell your story to our Master Goldsmiths. Founded in a workshop over 50 years ago, DMR remains proud of our heritage in designing and crafting exclusive jewellery. Your discussions will firstly be brought to life in the most traditional way, a selection of simple sketches.

Modern Influences

At David M Robinson, our design team pride themselves on using a range of traditional and modern methods throughout the process. Having caught the first glimpse of your design on paper, now we brief our design team on the selected sketch, allowing them to develop a computer-generated image, using advanced design technology.

Considering the sparkle

Having settled on your design, now our Sales Ambassadors are eagerly sourcing a selection of diamond and gemstones for you to review. Appreciating that this can be a daunting and overwhelming experience, your highly trained helpful expert will talk you through the process, telling you the story behind each stone, and introducing you to the way in which gemstones are graded.

“Diamonds are formed over thousands of years beneath the Earth’s surface, subjected to pressure and heat, yet surviving to leave the most beautiful of results.”

On the bench…

In the case of rings being handmade by DMR, the task now falls to our Master Goldsmiths to make your dream a reality. This is where the magic happens. The hiss of hot metal as it is shaped, stretched and plunged into cold water. The rhythm of saw blades. The hum of the polishing motors. It was in the workshop that the DMR story began, and it is here that your own love story takes its next crucial step.

Opening the Box

So now is the time. We have welcomed you back into the showroom and we are proud of our latest creation. Presented in front of you is a DMR box, you are finally about to lift the lid on the design that you have longed for and a piece with a very unique influence… you!

Goodbye, but just for now!

We say goodbye, but it is farewell only for a short time. In both DMR and your Sales Ambassador, you have a friend for life. This is just the first step and we are eagerly awaiting your return, bringing your partner along with you next time to select the rings with which you say, “I Do”. Let’s not begin the next meeting with a coffee though, champagne is on the cards!


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Finding the perfect engagement ring can often seem like a daunting task. Find inspiration in DMR’s exclusive bridal collection as you take the first step on this fantastic journey with the help of our experts.


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