Valuation Days 2017

Your precious item’s true worth

At David M Robinson, we know how much importance our clients place on their treasured family heirlooms. Knowing the value of a piece is important for insurance purposes and to ensure that they are covered for their true worth. While money cannot replace the memories, sentimental value and the personal affection that our customers have for their precious items, it can provide them with the peace of mind to know that if lost, they will be compensated financially. An accurate valuation service is a key element of our customer care ethos and forms one of the cornerstones of the quality service we provide to all our clients.

Why value your jewellery?

Individual items of jewellery can be worth thousands of pounds. On most home content insurance policies you can be limited on the amount of what are often termed ‘high ticket items’ you can include in a general policy. Rare or one-off pieces of jewellery can easily exceed this limit and may require a separate insurance policy. For this you will need an accurate appraisal and valuation of the item to ensure that it is covered for its true worth.

Valuations are also needed for probate, sales and even, sadly, the occasional divorce settlement, so the work that these skilled experts do is invaluable.

Our independent valuer – Georgina Deer

Valuation is a highly skilled profession that takes years of training and experience to perform accurately. It requires that the valuation expert have an in-depth knowledge of every aspect of jewellery manufacture and design – from the clarity and cut of a diamond to how rare a piece is. At David M Robinson, we’re fortunate to have one of the best independent jewellery valuation experts in the country working with us. Georgina Deer has been working closely with us for over seven years and we consider her to be very much a part of our team. “I really enjoy working in the David M Robinson shops,” she tells us. “The shop environments are welcoming and the friendly and helpful staff always make me feel as though I am one of the team.” We couldn’t agree more.

How Georgina works

Georgina visits our stores on a monthly basis. Before her arrival, our staff collect the items our clients require valuations on and once Georgina arrives on the premises the valuations are carried out in a safe and secure environment. She takes digital photographs of each piece and carries out a close-up and extremely detailed examination of each individual item. An accurate valuation is then given.

Meet Georgina

As well as her regular monthly visits, Georgina also holds Event days where customers can make an appointment and meet Georgina face to face to discuss their jewellery and watches. Georgina can give you advice on how to look after your items as well as giving you a valuation on the spot. These Event days are very popular and book up quickly. They also give us a chance to develop a closer bond with our clients and introduce them to the world of David M Robinson in a relaxed, friendly and informal atmosphere.

The next Event days will be held in Liverpool and Altrincham. The specific dates are yet to be confirmed so if you’d like to meet Georgina and find out what your family treasure is worth, keep checking back for more details and booking information.

In the meantime if you would like a valuation on any item of jewellery or watch, contact us direct for more information on how to submit your item at your nearest David M Robinson outlet for valuation by Georgina.