Bespoke Design Service

Bespoke Design Service

Imagine the thrill of owning a beautiful, hand-crafted piece of jewellery that no-one else in the world possesses.

Our passion for design is reflected in every item that we create at David M Robinson. By commissioning a bespoke piece of jewellery from us, you can be involved in the creative process in creating a unique piece to reflect your personal style.

Handmade by our highly skilled Master Goldsmiths, we use only the highest quality gold, platinum and expertly selected diamonds and coloured stones. Alternatively, we could re-design a piece with sentimental value that you already own, into a style more suited to you.

Whether it be a stunning engagement ring or a lavishly bold cocktail ring, the piece created will be a statement of your individuality.

While our core jewellery collections are at the forefront of our customer’s minds, it’s the bespoke side of the business on which our reputation was originally built. This is where our in house designer talent becomes most apparent.

“The fact that we offer a bespoke service makes us stand out from the rest, along with the fact we have our very own Master Goldsmiths on the premises.”


The level of customer service we offer is exceptional and what a wonderful asset to the business to be able to offer customers the opportunity to meet the designer who’ll be hands-on, creating their customised jewellery.

“It is amazing how many loyal customers we have – and how many friendships have been forged as a result…”


“Trust is a major factor; our clients entrust us with exceptionally sentimental items. If a customer comes to us to remodel an heirloom, they know that we will treat the jewel as though it is our own. It is not just a cut stone or a piece of metal that has been handed over for us to work on – it is memories and stories that span generations. That’s what makes our craft such a joy and a privilege.”

David Robinson himself has, in fact, trained everyone who works with us to think about the story of each jewellery item. It is never purely a sales transaction.

“We have been taught to think about what each piece we are creating is ultimately saying about its owner. As a family-run retailer, we have the freedom to allow our creative skills to flow and we can incorporate your personal inspirations into your design – the sky is literally the limit.”