Our Story

Our Story

Who would have guessed that when David Robinson first sat down as a teenager in a small Liverpool workshop, his design ability would blossom into today’s widely respected business? Here we discover how talent, perseverance, craftsmanship and integrity remain at the very heart of David M Robinson Ltd.

The time; the late nineteen sixties. The place; Liverpool, a city reverberating to the sounds of the Beatles in the nearby Cavern Club. In a small workshop a talented young goldsmith, David Robinson, learning his craft, designs a piece of jewellery which goes on to win (the first of two) the coveted DeBeers Diamonds International Award, the Oscars of the jewellery world. From then on David Robinson began to establish a reputation. Not only for designing and creating innovative, beautiful jewellery but also a reputation for trust and integrity in all his workshops.

We have been growing now as a business for over forty years, it has been an amazing journey. A journey based on design, craftsmanship and trust…

Forty years from that first award, David M Robinson now employs more in house goldsmiths than any other retailer in the North of England. His close team now includes designers, expert watchmakers and talented display artists. His jewellery collections remain exclusive to his showrooms in Liverpool, Manchester, Altrincham, Southport and London’s Canary Wharf. Customers today travel many miles to have bespoke pieces commissioned and placed inside the famous ‘yellow boxes’.

As always, design remains at the epicentre of our thinking. In fact, we are one of the very few British jewellery companies to design, manufacture and retail many of its own exclusive ranges. We feel we have something quite unique to offer – showrooms that hold a tempting selection of the best in modern jewellery design.