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The Ladies Guide to Pearls...everything you need to know!

The Ultimate Guide to Pearls  If diamonds are a girls best friend, then pearls are her glamorous, wiser, older sister. They truly are an exquisite gem and the fine jewellery collectors love affair with pearls has been existent for an eternity. Once the epitome of hollywood glamour, pearls can still ooze sophistication but newer contemporary designs are starting to have a little fun with pea...

Timekeepers Blog

Canary Wharf Pop Up: What we Learned from the Watchmaker

Some of our friends may have seen that this week we took up residence in a new spot in Canary wharf. For two days only, we've been hanging out away from home to make some new friends in Canada square. And how welcoming our new friends have been. We brought a few of our favourite pieces, a selection of stunning timepieces and set up shop across the road. We also brought along our master watchm...