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D'Amour Blog

Is it Summer yet?

Is it summer yet??   We could have sworn we saw it not that long ago. There was a glimmer of hope as the temperature softened, the skies bore the resemblance of sky’s found in cartoons (bright blue with fluffy white clouds) and we found ourselves shedding our winter coats in favour of light jackets and thin overcoats. And there is hope! The usual annual report has been released, the one th...

Timekeepers Blog

Rolex Cellini Dual Time // Watch of the Week

The Rolex Cellini is no ordinary timepiece.   The design at first glance is pure classicism, the elegant 39MM round dial, the somewhat stark lines for the time markers, the overall feel of the piece is crisp and clean. The beauty of the piece is its refined and intelligent nature. However, the finishing and finesse of the piece are pure contemporary. The double bezel and the textured natur...