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D'Amour Blog

Is it Summer yet?

Is it summer yet??   We could have sworn we saw it not that long ago. There was a glimmer of hope as the temperature softened, the skies bore the resemblance of sky’s found in cartoons (bright blue with fluffy white clouds) and we found ourselves shedding our winter coats in favour of light jackets and thin overcoats. And there is hope! The usual annual report has been released, the one th...

Timekeepers Blog

Liverpool All-Star Charity Match // Gerrard vs Carragher

Those of you who know us well here at DMR know that our heritage in Liverpool means a lot to us. A city filled with culture and is and always will be our home, no matter where the wind blows us. The city (and with it Anfield) will always be our home. You may also know that we put a huge importance on our philanthropic projects, we believe in giving back and are often on the looko...